About the Designer

Learn about the creator and visionary of DAM Fashions


From the Hebrew name ‘dvorah’ meaning ‘bee’.

Symbolizes hard work and diligence.


Deborah Ann Mack

Deborah Mack is a native of Charleston, SC and currently resides in PA with her husband and children. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Justice and Law Administration from Western Connecticut State University, and a Master of Arts Degree in Corporate and Political Communication from Fairfield University.

Deborah’s love for fashion started back in high school. She always looked for ways to immerse herself in the world of fabric, clothing, and accessories. To show off her unique style, she organized a fashion show with male and female models using clothing she secured from several department stores. She even participated as a model in her local community’s fashion shows.

As an entrepreneur, Deborah owned an organic fabric care business where she gained insight into the care of many fabrics, as well as a larger perspective in fashion. After successfully selling her company, Deborah returned to her first love: fashion. She created her own design curriculum through various institutions: Drexel, Moore College and Art, Parson’s Continuing Ed, and Factory45. These classes taught her how to make her ideas a reality — creating pieces that look and feel beautiful.

Deborah has now taken her entrepreneurial spirit to the next level and is using her experiences and vision to launch her label, DAM Fashions.

DAM Fashions

DAM Fashions, LLC is a ready-to-wear brand for women with a classic style.
After successfully selling her organic fabric care business, Deborah is now focusing on bringing her designs to market and into the lives of women who want to look and feel beautiful.
With a highly successful show at New York Fashion Week, Deborah is currently working to bring her designs to market.


Much of Deborah’s designs are inspired by outside elements, like flowers and various structures. She uses fabrics that spark an idea and get her creative juices flowing.