From the Hebrew name ‘dvorah’ meaning ‘bee’.
Symbolizes hard work and diligence.

Deborah Ann Mack

Deborah is the founder and designer of the brand Deborah Ann Mack Fashions. Our clothing line is composed of luxury women’s designs that can be custom made to fit your body. They are skillfully made for those who think and dress outside of the box. Our designs are classy, timeless, and sophisticated and can be worn for any occasion.

The Deborah Ann Mack brand does not compromise on its quality, from design to fabric selection to production. As a designer, my style is to work with many unique fabrics that can make a design a reality.

Quality fabrics are hand selected by Deborah herself

Our fabric choices consist of natural fibers like wool and silk. Wool produced by sheep has a wavy texture and is a reusable and recyclable fiber. It is durable with resistance to wear and tear and retains its shape when washed. Silk is strong and has a smooth soft touch. Wool and silk have similar unique properties making them good insulators for the body. I carefully select the wool and silk fabrics that go into each of my designs.

Each garment is lined with a fabric called Bemberg. This lining provides a luxuriously soft hand feel that allows the garment to elegantly drape against the body. Bemberg is an eco-friendly, bio-degradable fiber that is made from a natural cotton plant. It also has great breathability, keeping you comfortable when worn.

Women supporting women

Deborah Ann Mack’s mission is to provide women with creative styles that feel comfortable, well-crafted, and give women confidence. In addition, Deborah Ann Macl sponsors a private non-profit organization whose goal is to provide therapeutic services that will renew and empower women who are victims of domestic violence. Collectively, through purchases, women are silently helping other women. Every garment sold will have the non-profit organization’s label sewn in the seam line as a reminder.

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